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The foundation is on a national campaign to unveil and expose the shame and ignorance that is linked to DISABILITY, and raising of funds to set up a toll-free help centre for counselling people living with disabilities (PLWDs), their relatives affected by such challenges and to build a grant that covers for the costs of prosthetic etc. to lead normal lives that are fulfilling and filled with hope for a better future.

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The Dabane Foundation is engaged with collaborations and seeks to enhance on partnerships with other like-minded organisations that seek to assist and help people with amputations to have access to prosthetics in promoting the deserved opportunities for equal employment, individual independence and mobility.

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Dabane Foundation – DB was founded by Mr Lubabalo Jack, an amputee who has managed to defy all odds and today, leads an abnormally normal life, whose foundation exists to raise awareness and other initiatives about the plight of PLWD in South Africa.

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Our goal is to enable PLWD to live their lives more independently and comfortably and to enjoy equal access to employment in South Africa.

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The Dabane Foundation vision purposes to see a South Africa where PLWD improve on mobility and independence through the provision of Training programs and the ease of access to prosthetic limbs and assistance walking devices.

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We are launching a Digital academy for people living with disabilities.Starting a Health & Nutrition Project to promote active lives with recreational activities.